Tag session

Open a Mumps session. This tag should enclode any other MJSP tag. While inside this tag, an M connection is used to run all the enclosed MJSP tags, in the same M context, i.e. variables and locks are available between different tags. Upon closing the session tag, all locks and variables are cleared, and the M connection is released.
The following variable are set in the M context in the beggining of the session:

Tag Information
Tag Classcom.cav.taglibs.mumps.MumpsSessionTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

namespacetruetruejava.lang.StringThe namespace (AKA directory, UCI) in which to open the session.
debugfalsetruejava.lang.StringWhether to output to HTML in comment the M commands and output. Might produce illegal HTML, use only for debug purposes.

No Variables Defined.

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